Miguelmurca's Gemlog

2022-01-22 Slightly Cursed: Running Catgirl (The IRC Client) in Docker

2022-01-03 TODO in the terminal with git for synchronization

2022-01-02 What are some of your favourite small apps?

2022-01-01 Democratic Computing

2021-12-29 [My portfolio website revamp is complete. It uses o...]

2021-12-16 TAU-800B Super

2021-11-19 Nobeamer

2021-11-13 [Today, the crisp night air, and the smell of dista...]

2021-11-11 I saw two cats at a window today.

2021-11-04 I dislike the word "carnism", because of the scientific connotations.

2021-08-29 Decentralizing Trust

2021-08-23 Testing whether fleet can suggest gemlogs

2021-08-22 Something about game theory (I think?)

2021-05-18 Making a Telegram Bot

2021-01-27 Combining Selected Applications' Sound With Voice Into Virtual Microphone (Linux)

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