Meeg Leeto (meeg-lee-too)


Hi! My name is Miguel. I'm a physicist by trade, mostly a programmer at heart, and currently studying quantum computing, which works out nicely. I've made a few games (which you can find on my page), but have recently fallen a little out of touch with game development. I'm also into music (especially modular synthesis), and electronics.

If you see this on the internet, it's probably me.

I used to share my antics to Twitter, but the bird hell-site got to me. I'm hoping I can share whatever I'm up to here without getting anxious about likes and retweets.

Here's where the stuff I've made over the past years live: (Games)

twitter (Logs and gifs --- you might have to wade through some shitposting)

github (Small software I've made --- usually CLI at the time of writing)

github pages (Portfolio site)

soundcloud (Occasional music)

If you want to say hi, and/or talk with me, you can send me an email at


(You might also find me as meeg_leeto in's #meta, #gemini & #math.)

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Assorted Me-Facts

Why Meeg Leeto?

It's an English phonetic spelling for an affectionate diminutive for Miguel in Portuguese. :^)

🌃 🌃

I'm now part of!

You can find me in Writer's Lane. All about that cozy ambiance.