Democratic Computing

I was thinking about setting up a shared tilde with friends, but then I thought of something: I wouldn't be comfortable "owning" the server in which my friends participate, but I know for a fact that they probably don't have the technical expertise to manage it.

Ideally, there would be a democratic system set up, where I had root privileges but other users could vote such that a 2/3rds majority vote could boot me as a root user (and place another user in that place).

The tricky part is that even as a root user, the "president" could not have control over this system, or an elected manager could, well, impose a dictatorship.

Are there instances of democratic computer management? Sometimes I think about how, despite *vague gesture* democracy, most of our computer models are fairly (very, even) feudal.

An OVHCloud VPS is 3.50$/month. Maybe a fun experiment would be trying to create such a democratic tilde?

(please don't talk to me about the blockchain)